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I might as well excessively swear while I can yeah

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things not to like about early mornings



fucking cold


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Myaaaah. It was super, super early when I got up.

We’re finishing the packing now.

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Is this gonna be able to access the internet?

Likely not.

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I may not be able to take my laptop so I can’t strike fear in the heart of anyone else who might play skullgirls

but you know what I can take?

my DS.

pokemon Y.

nyoom gonna fuck shit up

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derxwnakapsyla sent:

If you do not spread my Despair Disease around while you are away and infect everyone with Derxwna-brand Despair, I will be upset.

hell yes!! I will do so sir derxwna sir!!

i promise i will cause everyone to despair

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mystyshenanigans sent:

Fly Nyoom. Reach 100 hits with Valentine and strike fear in the leaderboards.

Aural hit 100 once but iirc it wasn’t all that practical and only worked on Double.

fear-striking in progress

please hold

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I know we don’t talk much, but I did have fun in the conversations we had on steam. Good luck at school!

Thank you! It means a lot to me.

That sounds really cliche oh my god

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