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Anonymous sent:

Can you do a test fit of said costume?

Probably for close friends only. Sorry, anon, but I’m not the selfie type. Maybe someday, not today.

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I am pawsitively ecstatic. freaking happy as hell. My god I can’t handle all this happy. Help

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"Remember that time we bought all that candy, Naomi, and it was so hot it melted in the house?"

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I got a costume for Halloween that totally looks like a slightly more traditional Dark Brotherhood outfit and a sword. I’m so fucking happy I could scream

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Day Pass Post

Hello, friends. I won’t be on Skype today, but this is my greetings to all y’all and to announce that Fire Emblem is my favorite 3DS game, or something like that. I’m hilariously scatterbrained today. I have mom with me and I’m teaching her how to play.

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